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How to Care for your wooden table

You just bought the perfect table, now it's time to make sure that we avoid any marks, scuffs, and damages. We always add protective topcoats to our table to minimalize the risk of them getting stained or damaged. But it's always best to take some precautions on your own.
So, here are some general guides to keep your table looks its best!

General Tips

  • Use placemats or trivets under hot items and coasters under beverages to prevent marks and stains.
  • Do not place hot items directly on the tabletop.
  • Wipe the table clean with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Do not use abrasive and harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Avoid mineral oil, as its usage could discolor the wood.
  • Please note that wood is a living material. Exposure to extreme weather and temperature will cause the wood to move and could cause hairline cracks over time.

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