Two stacked Round Wooden Bowls. Made from teak wood.Round wooden bowl made from teak wood with natural, organic shape.

Round Wooden Bowl

From Rp 350.000
Organic Wooden PlatesOrganic Wooden Plates

Organic Wooden Plates

From Rp 155.000
Vanity Large Mirror hung above Vanity Sideboard. There is white ceramic sinks, black faucets, and a white tissue holder on the sideboard.Vanity Small Mirror hung above Vanity Bathroom Cabinet. There is white a ceramic sink, a black faucet, and a white tissue holder on the cabinet.

Vanity Mirror

From Rp 650.000
LUNAR Bathroom Cabinet with LUNAR Mirror above it. There is a woven basket next to it.LUNAR Mirror above LUNAR Bathroom Cabinet.

LUNAR Mirror

Rp 550.000
Dovetail full body mirror.

Dovetail Mirror

Rp 1.350.000
Front view of Arch Mirror. It has a pattern made from reclaimed teak wood.

Arch Mirror

Rp 1.100.000
Home decor piece called Oval Parcel. Made from teak wood.Oval Parcel set of 3. Made from teak wood.

Oval Parcel

Rp 550.000
Front view of TAPAK Table Lamp.

TAPAK Table Lamp

Rp 1.250.000
Dekorasi tempat lilin yang terbuat dari kayu jati daur ulangDekorasi tempat lilin yang terbuat dari kayu jati daur ulang

Candle Holder

Rp 395.000

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