Aimann Cabinet with doors opened. There are vases on top of it.Aimann Cabinet with vases on top of it.

Aimann Cabinet

Rp 4.450.000
Aimann Kubu Chair in indoor setting next to Aimann Cabinet.Perspective view of Aimann Kubu Chair.

Aimann Kubu Chair

Rp 1.950.000
Side view of Arch Dining Chair, showcasing it's silhouette and the woven pattern of the rope backrest.Arch dining chair. With woven rope as the backrest and teak wood as theframe.

Arch Dining Chair

Rp 2.700.000
Arch Dining Table with vases on top, paired with Arch Bench.Arch Dining Table with potted plants on top.
Sold out

Arch Dining Table

From Rp 4.950.000
Front view of Arch Mirror. It has a pattern made from reclaimed teak wood.

Arch Mirror

Rp 1.100.000
Perspective view of Arch Sideboard.Arch Sideboard with pebbles lamp and decorative plants on top of it.

Arch Sideboard

Rp 5.150.000
Bali Dining Table's front view. A circle dining table with single turned leg. It was made from reclaimed pine wood.Bali Coffee Table paired with Moi Chair in tan. There is a vase on top of it.

Bali Dining Table

From Rp 10.000.000
Dekorasi tempat lilin yang terbuat dari kayu jati daur ulangDekorasi tempat lilin yang terbuat dari kayu jati daur ulang

Candle Holder

Rp 395.000

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