Reclaimed Wood or New Wood? Understand the Differences!

If you're familiar with KAYULAMA Home, you've probably come across the terms "reclaimed teak" and "reclaimed pine wood". What is reclaimed wood? How does it differ from new wood? Which is better for custom furniture? Let's simplify.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Unlike new wood directly cut from trees, reclaimed wood is previously used wood. It's often sourced from old buildings, ships, and more. At KAYULAMA Home, we use two types of reclaimed wood: teak and pine.

How is Reclaimed Wood Different?

Aside from origin, there are distinctions between reclaimed wood and new wood. Because reclaimed wood was once used in construction, you might see construction remnants, like patched nail holes or joints, unlike new wood, which appears smoother.

Reclaimed teak wood logs

Additionally, reclaimed wood, especially teak, is often more durable and drier than new wood. Older teak becomes stronger and matures in color. Furthermore, while new wood has A, B, and C grades, reclaimed wood's grade can't be chosen due to availability.

So, Reclaimed Wood or New Wood?

The choice depends on your preferences and needs. If you prefer more natural, vintage, or rustic designs, reclaimed wood is a better option due to its unique character and history. For smoother designs, new wood might be suitable.

However, reclaimed wood can still work for modern or minimalistic designs! At KAYULAMA Home, we blend modern design with natural-rustic finishes.

Suksma outdoor dining table and bench

Beyond design, sustainability is also a factor. Choosing reclaimed wood extends the life of construction waste, recycling it into valuable furniture.

These were some differences between reclaimed and new wood. Hopefully, this helps you decide on your furniture material! If still unsure, feel free to contact us!

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