#HomeforHome : Help Protect Kartika Jaya Beach

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Located in Patebon Regency, Kendal, Central Java, Kartika Jaya Beach is located near a community-owned pond, the central axis of the community's economy. This beach is also adjacent to the settlements of coastal residents of Patebon.

What's happening in Kartika Jaya Beach?

Since 2009, the Patebon area has experienced severe abrasion, which has caused more than 60 hectares of Kartika Jaya Beach to be eroded.

Why is it important for us to act now?

The severe abrasion will harm the residents' quality of life, given its location close to ponds and residential areas. Therefore, if more and more coasts are eroded, the waves from the sea can damage residents' ponds and houses.

With the ongoing abrasion, sooner or later the sea currents will reach the Patebon residents' homes.

Pantai kartika jaya

Last batch planting via Lindungi Hutan

What can we do about it?

KAYULAMA Home and Lindungi Hutan are trying to save and restore the condition of Kartika Jaya Beach by planting mangrove trees on the coast.

For every purchase of our products, including pre-orders and custom orders, you have donated several* trees to this campaign. Besides making your home more comfortable, you will also help protect the homes of the coastal residents of Patebon.

If you currently don't need new furniture but want to donate nonetheless, you can donate directly via the link below :


This campaign runs from March 1, 2022, to July 31, 2022. We will send donations to Lindungi Hutan on the 1st of every month.

*) The number of trees donated is different for each product. The exact amount can be seen in the description of each product.

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